📆 Your Most Productive Quarter Ever

Live Workshop
Friday, December 16th
11:00 – 1:00 PM EST



🤔 What is it?

A workshop designed to help you identify what you want to acheive in the next 90-days, map it out on your calendar to create a plan for accomplishing, and create a structure for managing it all. 

🙋‍♀️ Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs with big goals, dreams, and ideas who just need a little help reeling it all in, creating a plan, and executing to success.

You want to get out of the never-ending to-do list cycle and back in control of your business.

You know time is money and want to be intentional about how you invest it to get the most ROI for your most valuable resource.

You already know what to do (or at least how to figure it out), you just need some extra help prioritizing and planning.

Most importantly, you understand that we’re not just here to work, pay bills, and let life pass by. You want to be intentional with your time so you can create a successful business without sacrificing other areas of your life that bring you joy.


✨ What will you get?

2-hour live planning workshop 

Pre-work workbook 

Live Q&A

3-month subscription to Pav*r ($30 value!)


💌 How will it be delivered?

Live workshop will be hosted via Google Meet with a replay sent via email after.


💰 How much does it cost?

$97 bucks.

🎉 How do I get started?

Click here to save your seat

Questions? Email me – jessica@getpavr.com