Do you feel like you are managing your time well?

It’s important for all of us to take a close look at how we are handling our busy lives every once in a while. Afterall, time management directly affects our ability to reach specific goals. 

Managing your time in a busy work week isn’t always that easy. However, google calendar and Pav*r can streamline this process for you.

Some Simple Tips For Your Google Calendar

First, let’s talk about some simple Google calendar hacks for using your google calendar.

Here is a list of a few tips to utilize your google calendar effectively, to help you stay organized and on time:

1. Check Settings: Check to see if your devices are set to the Google calendar as a default. For example, if you have an iphone, your events may not be popping up on your google calendar, they may instead be going to an icloud calendar. So, simply go to Settings > Calendar and check settings for the correct email default for your calendar.

2. Sharing: If you are wondering how to add events to a shared google calendar, no worries! Google calendar has settings to include your family members (or team members) to keep them up to date on your work/life schedule. This can help take the guess-work out of your life. You can also add your children’s school calendars, town calendars,etc onto your google calendar.

3. Notifications: Notifications are very helpful. Receiving a pop-up reminder 24 hours before your appointments can give you time to prepare and be on time. Are you confused about how to set reminders on google calendar? It could not be more simple. You can customize alert times as you see fit within your event as you add it to your candar. Also, you can also set your calendar to send you email notifications to alert you of any possible modifications to your events and events you are added to, such as a possible cancellation or a change in time or venue.

4. Goal Setting: If you have a smartphone, you can set goals (like: learn piano, workout 3 times this week, family time, read a book) to your google calendar. Within your smartphone’s app, you can add recurring goal “events” which help you manage your time effectively for reaching personal and work goals. Google calendar can be a mini life coach – helping you be your best self.

5. Find A Time: If you are wondering how to propose a new time in google calendar to your colleagues, read this: Instead of coordinating events with email threads that are a mile long, google calendar can suggest a new time for you. Simply select  the “Find a Time” section next to “Event Details”. Then, add the guests that you want to include in your event scheduling. This allows you to see and find a time that all parties are free – google will even suggest the best times for everyone. Simple!

6. Set Your Work Hours: These days, we are often working from home. This sometimes blurs your work and home life. Google calendar can help you set specific times for your work hours, giving you a happy work/life balance. Appointment setting can happen during set blocks of work time, making your choices and availability streamlined. This is also a helpful feature when it comes to time-zone related work scheduling. You can also easily change google calendar time zones for yourself. Google can handle all of this for you in settings.

7. Google’s Calendars of Interest: Worried that you may forget an important holiday? No need to manually add holidays to Google calendar – Google provides a helpful “Other Calendars” section. You can subscribe to and import several calendars from around the world. So, no worries – you won’t forget Memorial day again!

8. Invitations and Zoom/Slack: If you are wondering how to forward a google calendar invite – no worries. Simply add an email address to your event and google will notify and add the individuals for you.You can easily integrate zoom with google calendar and integrate Google calendar with Slack within an individual event by adding links, too.

9. Canceling: If you are wondering how to cancel an event on google calendar, well, it could not be more simple. Simply click on your event and select “cancel”. Google will notify your invites, and allow you to easily reschedule if needed.

10. Google calendar privacy: No worries, you can make google calendar and specific events private if you’d like to, also. It’s all in the Google calendar privacy settings and Google calendar permissions.

11. Shortcuts: Be sure to visit the Google Shortcuts page for some handy keyboard shortcuts for ease of use. 

How To Use Google Calendar For Time Management

Now that we have covered the basics of using your Google calendar, let’s discuss time management.

Time management is complex. 

We all know how important it is to plan your days out. Most people need to find a way to balance multiple projects simultaneously. This is also true for small companies when there are multiple team members involved on projects. 

Add ons can really help you organize time management with Google calendar. 

Pav*r is one of the best google calendar add ons – it is a simple, yet powerful, tool for time-tracking, task management, and project planning. 

Some simple ways Pav*r helps you to manage time:

1. Categorize: Color coding through Pav*r really helps you see your different responsibilities (home, work, school). Add categories with color coding to your calendar events so that you can quickly see how your week is stacking up. This allows you to schedule your time most effectively, to make sure that you are not spending too much time on any one event.  So, if you are curious how to change colors on google calendar, let Pav*r do it for you.

2. Label: The Pav*r time management app syncs with google calendar to help you clearly label all of your calendar entries when using Google calendar for time management. This allows you to organize your time in a unique way – just like you organize your inbox.

3. Report: Hold yourself accountable by generating time reports. This allows you to see exactly where you are spending your time with Pav*r’s customized reports – built right from your calendar data. These reports are extremely helpful when reporting your hours spent on a task or for a specific client.

4. Export: Export your calendar, including all of your categories & labels, to a nice and clean Google Sheet. This allows you to visually see and share your calendar, thus allowing you to improve your time management. 


Optimize Google Calendar For Time Management

Make your Google calendar work for you! 

The Pav*r Google add-on  will help to keep you on track and on time. Even if you’re someone who wants to schedule everything from your monthly manicure – to dinner – to working out, Pav*r makes it simple. 

And, it really IS simple-You don’t need to set aside hours to figure out every Google Calendar feature. You are busy enough! 

Let Pav*r give you a hand in managing your time – and a super pretty calendar!