Google calendar really is the ideal calendar system for busy people on-the-go. 

The organization of the Google calendar system is clearly a favorite for most companies and individuals for analyzing time and effort. 

There just isn’t any other system online that helps you to keep track of all of your important meetings and appointments, as well as having handy reminders – right at your fingertips. 

Have you ever wondered how to create a time and effort log with the Google calendar, time and effort spreadsheet?

Pav*r explains how simple this can be! There are many benefits to the time tracking systems on Google. 

The Google Calendar Time Tracker

They say that “time is money”, right? Time really is priceless! 

There has never been more pressure on people to make the most of their time – for work, for themselves – there are many valuable reasons why you may wish to time track.

Some people track their work hours and effort with time tracking. Beyond just counting or reporting hours, it’s helpful to see where your time is generally going. Many individuals and companies like to track time to allow themselves to carefully forecast their future projects.

Luckily, you can track your time on your Google calendar. The Pav*r add-on makes it all quite easy.

Benefits to Tracking Time

There are many solid benefits to tracking time with Google calendar.

5 Real Benefits to Time Tracking: 

  1. Real life snapshot: When you track time, you see exactly where each moment is going. So before you say “I just don’t have time”, you may find that you actually DO have time if you manage your time more efficiently. 
  2. Tracking work hours: Being able to track your exact working hours is priceless information. Many people that now work from home need to send in time sheets and reports for work. This feature allows you to easily do so. 
  3. Productivity analysis: Time tracking allows you to see where you are most productive. Perhaps you truly are a morning person that tends to get the most effective use of your time early in the day. Time tracking helps you identify this. 
  4. Setting priorities: Time tracking allows you to prioritize each day, allowing for you to customize your time. 
  5. Self awareness: Tracking your time allows you to clearly see your patterns of work and progress. By seeing your strengths and weaknesses in time management, you can make small steps towards self improvement. 

How To Track Time And Create Spreadsheets

To track your time on a specific project and generate spreadsheets of your exact hours worked, you’ll need to follow several simple steps.

First, you will need to create your calendar on Google.

How To Create Your calendar

  1. Go to calendar.google.com
  2. Click Add other calendars
  3. Select Create new calendar
  4. Name your calendar
  5. Click Create calendar
  6. Add your events and times

Set up your spreadsheet with Pav*r

  1. Install the Pav*r add-on 
  2. Find it in the add-ons menu
  3. Specify which calendars you want to import
  4. Add text and date filters
  5. Create your own color-coded categories
  6. Add custom labels and fields for your calendar events
  7. Create and view time tracking reports in Pav*r
  8. Print or download spreadsheets of report and time tracking

Your generated Pav*r reports will let you see where your time is going. Create time and effort log reports for schools, grant time logs for non-profits, and analyze your personal and work calendar time tracking data. 

Tips For Tracking

There are many ways to get the most out of your Google time tracking – have fun with it! 

The Pav*r add-on has a built in time and action calendar template that creates a seamless approach to tracking time. 

Follow the following simple tips to keep you as organized as possible:

  • Keep your calendar up-to-date

  • Set reminders

  • Include tasks, not just specific events

  • Sync ALLof your  calendars for effortless time tracking and sharing

  • Share away

  • Keep entries detailed and short

  • Sync zooms and facebook events

  • Add all needed attachments

  • Create daily agendas for yourself to stay on task

  • Print spreadsheets of your Google calendar timesheets

The Google spreadsheet calendar integration allows you to completely sync your events from one Google Calendar to another – so that everyone is on the same page, literally.

Pav*r Perks

Pav*r simplifies your time tracking calendar for you.

Pav*r creates clear visual time reports that are both colorful and beautifully organized. Time logs and Time and Effort reporting are a cinch with the built in Pav*r Google sheets time tracking template! 

The Pav*r add on tool can export Google calendar to sheets for you with little to no effort. This allows you to have a nice clear sheet of your hours for your employers, and yourself. 

The valuable reports & analytics from your calendar data give you insight into where your time is going. This can be both informative and inspiring. 

With Pav*r, your calendar time management could not be more simple!