Pav*r G Suite Add-on Privacy Policy

Which permissions are needed for Pav*r?

When you use Pav*r for the first time, you’ll be asked to accept the minimum-required permissions. Google API Scopes include:

Pav*r will use so users can view and setup labels for calendars they have access to. 

Pav*r will use  to create and manage the spreadsheets you choose to export from our app.  Our add-on will only interact with spreadsheets as you direct.

Pav*r will use to send data from the add-on to the Pav*r database, and, upon export, retrieve stored data.

Pav*r will use to retrieve the user’s time zone used when exporting data to sheets.

Pav*r’s add-on for G Suite will use to make the app available in the Calendar Add-ons bar

Pav*r’s add-on for G Suite will use to read event data for the currently opened event.

Pav*r’s add-on for G Suite will use to write updated event data for the currently opened event.

Pav*r will use to retrieve user’s email address when setting up a new user.

How we use this information

Pav*r will use the calendar API’s to sync your existing Google Calendars with the data created from the add-on.  During the setup of Pav*r, or during export, the Calendar API is used to interact with your calendars, retrieve event data and export to the sheet. 

Pav*r will use the sheets API’s to view, manage, edit, create and delete your spreadsheets in Google Drive.

 Our add-on will only interact with the calendar and sheets as you direct.

Why does Pav*r need those permissions?

Pav*r is integrated with G Suite apps like Calendar and Sheets. It requires access to the Google environment to provide services seamlessly across the G Suite apps. 

Pav*r only requests the minimum-required permissions that are essential for it to function optimally.

Pav*r does not have access to your Google account or your password.

Who can see the data of my spreadsheet?

The spreadsheet created by Pav*r is only accessible by you and those you choose to share it. 

Can I review or revoke those permissions?

Absolutely. If you need to review the permissions you granted to Pav*r, you can do so by going to Google Account -> Third-party apps with account access -> Manage third-party access.

From there, you can change or revoke the permissions.

Still have questions?

Please write to and we will be happy to help you.