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Optimize your productivity with tailor made calendar insights & analytics for time-conscious professionals. 

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Thousands of professionals

rely on Pav*r to increase productivity & transform their calendar data.

Unlock powerful insights from your calendar

Dive deeper into your schedule with innovative features tailored to optimize your productivity. From comprehensive time reports to team analytics, we’ve designed tools that transform your Google Calendar data into actionable insights.

Time Reports

Vizualize your time allocation effortlessly. From meetings to tasks, understand how every minute contributes to your success.

Team Insights

Compile calendar data from your team to see where time is being spent across your organization


Custom Fields

Create personalized calendar fields to document additional information that only you or others on your team can see. 


Convert your calendar data into valuable business documents like invoices, timesheets, and meeting agendas.

Tailored solutions for every need

Whatever your role or industry, our platform adapts to your unique requirements.

From Executive Assistants to Agencies, discover how our Google Workplace productivity tool can redefine your workflow.

Executive Assistants

Unlock the full potential of your executives calendar data with Pav*r. Executive assistants can easily pinpoint optimization areas, enhance scheduling efficiency, and offer invaluable insights to the leaders they assist.

Agency Owner

Harness the power of Pav*r to streamline operations, gain insights into project timelines, and ensure optimal resource allocation to make more informed decisions, enhance client relations, and drive your agency’s success to new heights.

Sales Teams

Sales teams can leverage Pav*r to supercharge your sales strategies. With Pav*r, you’ll gain deeper insights into client interactions, optimize appointment scheduling, and efficiently manage follow-ups, enabling you to close deals faster, nurture leads more effectively, and drive consistent sales growth

Freelance & Consulting

Manage your diverse projects and client interactions seamlessly with Pav*r. Effectively schedule meetings, track project milestones, and derive actionable insights from data, ensuring you stay ahead of deadlines and deliver exceptional value to your clients. It’s the ideal tool for maximizing productivity and getting the most ROI for your time.


A powerful ally in your entrepreneurial journey. Optimize your time management, effectively coordinate with team members, track crucial milestones, and glean actionable insights from data to aid in making strategic decisions, fostering innovation, and ensuring that every meeting and interaction is a step closer to your vision.


Amplify your mission-driven impact with Pav*r. Better organize volunteer schedules, coordinate event planning, and monitor key program milestones. By efficiently managing resources and deriving meaningful insights from your calendar data, non-profits can ensure you’re are making the most of every opportunity, strengthening your outreach, and furthering your cause with enhanced precision and effectiveness

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