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Get valuable analytics about your time to increase productivity.
Turn your calendar data into documents like timesheets & invoices.

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Categorize Your Events

Add color-coded categories to your calendar events so you can quickly see how your week is stacking up.


Label Your Entries

You can label your emails, why not your calendar entries? Organize your time just like you organize your inbox with Pav*r.

Export Your Calendar

Export your calendar data to a Google Sheet, or create documents like Timesheets & Invoices using your calendar data.

Time Reports & Documents

Create analytics to see where your time goes or generate documents like Invoices, Timesheets, Agenda’s and more!

What pavr users are saying


I’m a consultant that works on multiple projects at a time. For me, this means that I need to balance multiple projects simultaneously with pretty rigid time constraints. (I can’t work too long on a certain project as this will affect billing.)

Before, I was manually tracking my time spent on projects, but this makes my life much easier.

– Raya

Office Administrators

Pav*r provides a simple, yet powerful, tool for time-tracking, task management, and project planning. It has already significantly reduced the amount of time I spend plotting out timelines for big projects involving numerous tasks and subtasks. Pav*r is the tool that has had the greatest positive impact by reducing my anxiety and stress levels, decreasing amount of time I spend on purely administrative tasks, and increasing my work performance, productivity rate, client satisfaction, and revenue.

– Melissia


I am in higher education and realized I had nothing to show for what I did over the semester thanks to zoom call after zoom call. I will use it this semester as a proactive way to see where my time goes. I do appreciate everything going to Sheets, that is the greatest!

– Ali


I work with a non-profit association that is funded largely by federal grants. I am using pav*r to visually categorize activity on my Google calendar to keep track of how much time is spent on one grant’s deliverables versus another. So far, I am a big fan of the reporting (export) tool.

– Lawrence

Project Managers

Amazing! Just what I needed to help me with time tracking and project management from within my calendar. And let’s be honest the calendar drives EVERYTHING!

– Pav*r User via Marketplace Review

Former T-Sheets User

I signed up to get an easy export of all my calendar time blocks on the calendar. The final objective is to submit my hours and see how many hours per activity I spend doing what. We used to use T-sheets but recently moved back to excel sheet since we are still a small business trying to save dollars.

– Nicole

Catering Business

We are a Catering company with many moving parts. We are so looking forward to using Pav*r in our everyday life as we navigate through 2021 events!

– Jamie

Real Estate Professionals

I started using pavr to keep track of my IRS required hours for real estate professional status.  It works great and I have recommended it to my community of real estate investors to try out, too.

– Randy S.

All of your event details, all in one place.

Managing your time can be hard. Especially when there are multiple team members involved, tasks that have to be managed, and a nearly endless amount of communication that has to take place. Take some of that off your plate with Pav*r by managing all of your important event details in one place without ever leaving your Google calendar.

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Try it free for 7-days, then just $10/month.
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