How To Share Google Calendar

Can I share my google calendar? – Yes! 


Sharing your Google calendar is not only necessary, and it’s so easy! 

Sharing your calendar can improve your communication with your employees, teammates, family and friends. Sharing also allows you to be more efficient. 

Planning projects and scheduling meetings is a breeze when you know how to share your Google calendar with someone, and to share calendar events with someone.

You can utilize so many Google calendar features for your benefit, like the Google calendar share tasks. You can set office hours and more – making scheduling a snap!

You won’t have to worry about lost time, schedule conflicts, or missing an important obligation you made.  

Here at Pav*r, the best calendar app for groups, it’s our goal to make sure that your calendar is as useful as possible, as attractive as possible, and as organized as possible!

With the Pav*r app, your Google calendar will take on new life, and it deserves to be shared! So, we’ve created this guide (with tips from Google!) on the best ways to share your calendar! 

How To Create & Share Your Group Calendar

How do I share my google calendar?

Are you an administrator at your job? Or do you organize school events or fundraisers and need to share work? If so, it’s going to be super important for you to be on the same page as your team during the process, so make a shared Google calendar!

To keep things organized, you can create a calendar that you can share with all of the people in your team or organization. This is called a group calendar. 

Here are the simple directions from Google to create a group calendar:

Create a group calendar

How to add someone to google calendar…

Put the names of the people you wish to share your calendar with in their own group. Now, follow these steps to Create your group:

  1. Open your Google Calendar.

  2. On the left, next to Other calendars, click Add Create new calendar.

  3. Add the name of the calendar (for example, Thanksgiving Event At Shady Side Elementary) , add the description, and a time zone.

  4. Click Create calendar.

Now that your group calendar is created, you’ll need to share it! Here are the simple steps from Google to share your calendar! 

Share Your Calendar

How to add people to google calendar….

Are you wondering how to sync google calendar with another person? You can share your beautiful calendar with your entire organization in Google calendar groups, share tasks on google calendar, or you can select a specific person or sub-group. 

How to add someone to a google calendar from Google:

  1. Open your Google Calendar.

  2. On the left, click the calendar you want to share.

  3. Click on more Settings and sharing.

  4. Choose who you want to share your calendar with. 

  5. In the permissions box, click the Down arrow and choose an option. 

  6. Click Send.

Link google calendar: After you have completed this, Google sends out a group calendar invitation. It will include the links to your calendar for everyone you’ve shared with. 

Now you know how to add someone to your google calendar! What’s wonderful about this is that the email notification will include a link. This will guide them on how to add other calendars to google calendar in their Other calendars list. 

Having Trouble Finding a Shared Calendar?

If you or your clients are having trouble finding the shared calendar, you can do several things. 

First, send out a calendar ID with these steps:

  1. Open your Google Calendar.

  2. Under My calendars, find your shared calendar.

  3. Click More Settings and sharing.

  4. Click Integrate calendar, and copy the Calendar ID.
    (It’s actually quite long!)

  5. Send this ID to anyone having trouble finding the shared calendar.

  6. They will need to go to Other calendars, click Subscribe to calendar, paste the ID into Add a calendar box, and press Enter. Done! 

Sharing A Calendar Publicly

Do you need to share a calendar you’ve created with the public? Do you know how to link Google calendar? It’s actually very simple to do! 

Follow these Google calendar steps:

  1. Open your Google Calendar.

  2. On the left, find “My calendars”.

  3. Find the calendar you want to share. Click More on Settings and sharing.

  4. Find “Access permissions.” Choose Make available to the public.

  5. Choose the level of access you want to give. 

*Keep in mind: If a person doesn’t have Google Calendar, the only way for them to see your calendar is to make it public. So if you were wondering, “Can you share a google calendar with a non gmail user?”, the answer is yes. 

Special Access To Your Calendar In Your Organization

Do you have a specific Google Calendar for your organization, or school? 

Under “Access permissions”, you can select a specific setting to just have your calendar available to those within your organization or school. 

What this does: 

  • Organization members can find your calendar.

  • Other people that are not within your organization will never be able to see or find your calendar.

  • People outside of your organization can view info about specific meetings they are invited to.

  • You can select between ” see only free/busy (hide details)” or “See all event details” in settings. 

Want To Stop Sharing? Turn Off Calendar Sharing

Say you have a calendar, but then you would like to STOP sharing that calendar for some reason….

No worries! It’s easy to make this adjustment!

How to unshare google calendar: Steps from Google:

  1. Open your Google Calendar.

  2. Find the “My calendars” section.

  3. Select the calendar you want to stop sharing.

  4. Click More Settings and the Google sharing button. 

  5. Under “Access permissions,” turn off Make available to the public.

*To stop sharing with your organization: Under “Access permissions”, turn off Make available to everyone in my organization.

*To stop sharing with a specific person: Under “Share with specific people,” next to the person you want to remove, click Remove.

Repeat as needed for all calendars you wish to stop sharing. Simple!

Trouble Fixes For Sharing

Is someone still having trouble accessing a calendar that you shared with them? 

Follow these steps to trouble shoot: 

  1. Check you have their correct email address.

  2. Have them check their spam folder.

  3. Did they click the link in the email they received?

  4. Check your Google calendar sharing options.
  5. Remove the person and then add them back.

  6. Check your share Google calendar availability. Does an administrator have settings that limit or turn off sharing? 

Sharing Is Caring

Now you know how to share google calendar with someone. Adding someone to Google calendar is so simple, right? 

With these tips from Pav*r and Google, you’ll now be able to share your super-organized calendar from Pav*r (the best team calendars) with anyone you’d like!

Share your calendar with your spouse, your family, your employees!

Everyone will be on the same page (literally!) when it comes to creating projects, organizing school events, or arranging a party even!

It’s simple to share your shared event calendar – and it simplifies your life – enjoy!