How to Record Your Screen for Pav*r Support Tickets

Including a screen recording with your Pav*r support ticket can significantly help us diagnose and resolve your issue faster. Here’s how to record your screen on different devices:

Why Screen Recordings Are Helpful

A screen recording allows you to capture exactly what you’re seeing and doing on your screen, including:

  • Interactions with Pav*r within Google Calendar.
  • Any error messages you encounter.
  • Steps you’re taking that lead to the problem.

This visual information provides much more context than just text descriptions, allowing our support team to understand the issue more efficiently.

How to Record Your Screen


  1. QuickTime Player: Your Mac comes with a built-in screen recording tool within QuickTime Player. Here’s how to use it:
  • Open QuickTime Player.
  • Go to File > New Screen Recording.
  • A small recording window will appear. Click the dropdown menu to choose whether to record your entire screen, a specific window (like your Google Calendar with Pav*r), or just the built-in camera. You can also enable microphone recording if you want to narrate your actions.
  • Click the red record button to begin capturing your screen. A short countdown will appear.
  • When finished, click the stop button (square within a circle) in the menu bar or press Command + Control + Esc.
  • QuickTime Player will automatically open your recording. You can trim or edit it (using editing software), then save it to your desired location.


  1. Xbox Game Bar: For Windows 10 and 11, you can use the Xbox Game Bar for screen recording. Here’s how:
  • Press Windows Key + G to open the Game Bar.
  • Click the record button (red circle) in the Game Bar to start capturing. There will be a short notification to confirm recording has begun.
  • You can customize the recording area (entire screen or specific window) by clicking the settings icon (gear) and selecting “Capture source.” You can also enable/disable microphone recording by clicking the microphone icon.
  • When finished recording, press Windows Key + G again, or click the stop recording button (square within a circle) in the Game Bar.
  • Your recording will be saved in the “Videos” folder within your user directory, with a subfolder called “Captures.”


Chromebooks don’t have a built-in screen recorder, but you can use a Chrome extension. Here’s how to use a popular option, Loom:

  1. Install Extension: Open Chrome and navigate to the Chrome Web Store. Search for “Loom” or a similar screen recording extension with good reviews. Install the extension.
  2. Start Recording: Once installed, click on the extension icon in your Chrome toolbar. Choose the recording area (entire screen or specific Chrome tab) and any audio options (like microphone recording if you want to narrate). Click the record button to start capturing.
  3. Stop Recording: Click the stop recording button in the extension’s on-screen interface when finished.
  4. Access Recording: Loom will automatically upload your recording and provide a link to access it or share it with others.

Additional Tips

  • Close unnecessary programs: This will help ensure a smoother recording and avoid capturing unwanted background activity.
  • Focus on the relevant area: When recording, try to focus on the parts of your screen that showcase the issue with Pav*r.
  • Narrate your experience (optional): If helpful, consider narrating your actions while recording to provide additional context.

By including a screen recording with your Pav*r support ticket, you’ll be helping us troubleshoot the issue faster and get you back on track with your productivity!

Please note: Pav*r currently does not offer phone or virtual meeting support. Supplying a screen recording will significantly improve our ability to assist you through email.