Google Calendar Productivity

Ahhh, time. We all want more of it, right?


Everyone wants to make the most of their time! It’s also critical these days to be as productive as possible with the time you’re given.


There are many ways to maximize your time and productivity with your Google calendar.


Google calendar has long been a favorite calendar system for busy people. It’s easy to use. It allows you to connect and share your busy life with others.


This calendar for time management helps you have a healthy life/work balance. Right? Well, it is a fantastic tool for managing your time as effectively as possible.


So how can we take this trusted tool and find even more ways to manage our productivity? There are actually many ways…


Pav*r, the leading Google calendar add-on, can help you find the ways.


Let’s find out how….

Calendar Organization System 

Create a calendar system that works for you. The Pav*r add-on can help with productivity planning with some very simple productivity life hacks. 

One of the ways that Pav*r can help you organize your calendar is by generating handy reports. The Pav*r add-on can easily create valuable reports & analytics right from your calendar’s data. These reports can help you to fully see and understand exactly where your time is going. 

Another suggestion for organizing your calendar is to make use of the “reminders” feature. Reminders are a fabulous way to be prepared and productive. Set scheduled reminders on events and tasks within your calendar to help you stay prepared and on time. 

Another great way to be organized and productive is to set google calendar “focus time”. You can do this easily. Have a separate calendar just for work. Focus on your workweek by using the “work week” view. Simply go to settings and unclick “show weekends”.

Google Calendar Organization Tips 

Stay organized and make your calendar work for you with some simple calendar optimization.  

Here are some simple calendar tips: 


  1. Color coding: Color code Google calendar with fresh colors through the Pav*r add-on app. This will allow your calendar to have a fun pop of color to help you visually see your events easily. 
  2. Customize: Always customize your calendar in a way that is best for you. Avoid unnecessary distractions by only looking at the day view, for example. Make your calendar work for you! 
  3. Make appointment slots: Be sure to utilize your work or school calendar effectively by blocking off times for specific appointments. Also, use slots to set up your Google calendar working hours clearly. 
  4. Share away: Be sure to be a collaborative planner by using Google sharing. It’s a perfect team productivity tool. Take the time to share your calendar with your work colleagues, and even your spouse. This helps you find times that mutually work for meetings and events with ease. 


Google Calendar Hacks 

Some simple hacks can save you real time and help you to make the most of the Google calendar features. 

Here are some hack suggestions from Pav*r:

  1. Use Your voice: If you are busy driving, or have your hands full, use your voice to add important meetings and events to your Google calendar. Hello, Siri! 
  2. Choose your view: Do you prefer seeing your daily calendar? Or how about the week or the month? Choose what works best for you! 
  3. Embed: Embed your Google calendar to your website in a super simple way. Go to your Settings, go to “integrate calendar”, and simply copy your calendar’s embed code. This step will allow you to put your calendar right up on your website. What a time saver! 
  4. Sync away: Be sure to download your Google calendar on your phone as well as your laptop device. Google will automatically sync your calendar between your devices – you’ll never miss a beat!
  5. Find a time: Be sure to use the Google calendar “find a time” feature. This allows Google to find a time that works for everyone. 

These simple hacks are life changers. Oh, and no worries about needing to backup Google calendar. Google does this automatically.  

Productivity Perks

It is critical these days to be as productive as possible with your time. Your online calendar can be a very effective tool in aiding you to become as productive as you can be.

Google really is the best calendar for business planning and for life planning. It’s proven, and it’s simple. 

The Pav*r add-on to the Google calendar system design will allow you to streamline your work/life calendars and your work/life balance. 

Be sure to try out the above hacks and tips, Who could have thought that there was so much hiding inside of your Google Calendar? 

So, improve your productivity and organization with Google and Pav*r. It’ll be well worth it – and oh so easy!