Google Calendar Timesheet

Wouldn’t It Be Great If You Could Just Export Your Google Calendar To A Nice Timesheet? – With Pav*r, You Can!

First of all, let’s discuss why you might need a timesheet.

A timesheet is a very useful tool. It can be used as a data table that can be used by an individual. An individual can use the info to keep track of the amount of hours that are worked during a specific time period. 

Timesheets are also used by many businesses to track the time that is spent on specific tasks and on certain projects by their employees. They can also use this for generating payment as a reference to time worked. 

With the Pav*r  Google add-on, you can create your own customized Google calendar timesheets! Some of the features these include, are: 

  • Color-coded categories

  • Customized labels

  • Custom fields for your calendar events

  • Time blocking on Google calendar

You can then take your calendar and export all of this valuable information as a generated report, or as a timesheet! 

Pav*r Makes Your Google Calendar Better

Google calendar is one of the most important tools for both large and small businesses. Busy people use their Google calendar as a timesheet to help them manage their time wisely. 

No one wants to waste time. Wouldn’t you like to see exactly where every minute is going? This would allow you to really reflect on what is the best way to budget your time.

With the Google timesheet app add-on Pav*r,  you or your business will find that time recording is a breeze! You can create a timesheet from Google calendar in a way that is FAST, and much more effective. 

The reporting export tool allows you to visually categorize activity on your Google calendar as a means of keeping track of how much time is spent on one event versus another.


Some benefits for you or your business:

  • Submit timesheets easily

  • Time tracking with the calendar time tracker

  • Project timesheets for project managers

  • Google project tracker for ease of planning with large groups

  • Balancing multiple projects at once

  • Organization and stress reduction tool

You just can’t beat those benefits! 

How To Make A Timesheet In Google Sheets With Pav*r

Exporting your Google calendar with the Google calendar extension Pav*r is easy!  No really, it is!

You can easily download your time tracker to either an Excel document or as a CSV file. 

Google calendar as Timesheet in 10 steps:

  1. First, open your Google calendar. On the side bar, you will see a plus sign on the right. Press that plus sign to be directed to the Google Workspace Marketplace.
  2. In the search bar that appears, type in Pav*r. Then, click the Pav*r Add on and install it if you haven’t already.
  3. First time users will then be prompted to connect your different calendar(s), set up categories, and to create labels and customization. 
  4. Find the button on the right side bar that says “create reports” and click on it. 
  5. Select the calendar that you want to export. (simple!)
  6. Enter start and end date (perfect for Google calendar time tracking) for the timesheet that you’d like generated. Click “create report”. 
  7. You will then see a wonderful report summary showing a breakdown of categories and labels. 
  8. Click “open report”. It will open up a dashboard view to connect Google calendar to Google sheets.
  9. If you’d like just a spreadsheet, then just click on the “calendar entries tab” at the bottom. 
  10. Go to “File”, then “Download”, and from there you can download it to Excel, as a PDF document, etc, for your calendar tracking needs. 

How to add up time in Google sheets: Pav*r creates a nice and colorful report so that you can easily calculate time and see exactly where your time goes. 

Pav*r Makes It Easy

When you use the handy add-on Google Extension Pav*r, you’ll find that you can use your Google calendar in a brand new -and highly functional – way.

Pav*r makes it easy to create your weekly schedule Google sheets, to record time with the Google calendar time tracker, and to print out and hand in anything from your Google calendar to sheets. 

You’ll discover other benefits, like how to use Google calendar for project management. The Pav*r calendar extension makes it very easy to stay organized even with large projects – you’ll be able to clearly see all of the moving parts. 

So, get Pav*r today to uncover all of the many benefits, and make your life…easier!