I spent so many of my early years as an entrepreneur and small business owner thinking I just had to hustle harder, work more, do more. 

That somehow responding to an email within minutes, always being available, and working well into the evenings would get me to some higher level of success.

Then a mentor helped me redefine what “success” actually means to me. I realized that I couldn’t be focusing solely on business or career success, I had to also focus on living a satisfying life. 

Can success without satisfaction ever truly be fulfilling?  

Once I had a clear vision of what success would mean for me, and for my business, I could realign my priorities to put more time and emphasis into the projects and tasks that were going to actually move me forward. 

But to achieve my new version of success, I had to become more intentional about how, what, and who I was spending my time on.

To kick off 2024, I thought I would share more about what it means to be intentional with your time, and the 5-step process I used (and still use) to help me align my time with my intentions. 

Keep reading if you’re ready for 2024 to be your most successful, satisfying year yet! 

What Does Being Intentional with Your Time Mean?

It’s about spending your time purposefully. In this fast-paced digital era, where distractions are constant, being deliberate with how you use your time is more crucial than ever.

Why Is It Important?

If you’re not intentional, time slips away on unimportant things. Remember: either you run the day, or the day runs you.

How Is It Different from Other Time Management Techniques?

Unlike traditional methods focusing solely on task completion, intentional time management involves assessing the worthiness of tasks and “making time to make time.” It’s a flexible, adaptable approach tailored to individual needs and goals.

Being Intentional in 2024: A Five-Step Guide

  1. Create a Clear Vision of Success: Define what success looks like for you. Align your time with your ultimate goals and desires.

    An exercise you can do to get clear on what success looks like is to script out “a day in the life” of the most successful version of yourself.  
  2. Set Measurable Goals: Use the SMART method to create goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. 
  3. Understand Where Your Time Goes: Analyze your past month. Delegate, eliminate, or automate where possible. Focus on tasks that move you closer to your success. 
  4. Leverage Your Digital Calendar: Schedule time for your SMART goals and to-do list items, this is often a strategy used in time blocking. Set aside dedicated time on your calendar and make sure you treat it like an important meeting: meaning you won’t cancel or reschedule unless absolutely necessary. 
  5. Review & Revise Regularly: Continuously assess your calendar. Adjust your schedule to stay aligned with your long-term vision of success and audit regularly to review how much time you’re spending actually working towards your goals. 

As you move forward into 2024, I encourage you to redefine success and realign your priorities with success in mind. With the strategies outlined, you’re now equipped to make this year your most intentional and fulfilling yet. 

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