We all know that the Google Calendar is one of the easiest and most popular systems available for setting your schedule. 


It’s clean and neat, has a great app, and is the number one calendar choice for small businesses, managers and their employees. 


The App add-on from Pav*r makes the Google calendar system even more user-friendly. 

It’s important to take advantage of all of the fantastic elements of your Google calendar. 


Especially the scheduling office hours with google calendar “Working Hours” feature.


What Are The Working Hours on Google Calendar?


Google as a company has always promoted digital well-being. 


We all know that having a healthy work/life balance is critical to our overall health and happiness. 


Google created the wonderful feature Working Hours on their calendars to allow an individual to set the hours that they choose to be available for work.


This is especially helpful for small companies looking to arrange team meetings and events. Using the working hours feature allows everyone to make sure that all employees have available hours for specific work meetings and commitments.


Google invitations for meetings are a breeze when you can see when your clients and colleagues are available. Google even sends an alert if a time is outside of a person’s work hours. This helps tremendously with scheduling.


How To Set Your Working Hours On Google Calendar


Wondering how to add work schedule to google calendar?


First, figure out what times will work best for you as your working hours. 


What’s my schedule? Be honest with yourself and leave enough time for your personal life. What is your availability that you want to share? 


If you would like to show working hours on google calendar to make sure that you are not invited to work events outside of your working schedule, you can adjust your settings to reflect your personal and work times of availability.


This simple task gives event organizers an easy way to know when to reschedule an event for a time that works better for everyone.


Steps to set working hours in google calendar:

  1. In your Google Calendar, click on Settings.
  2. Select Working Hours.
  3. Check off Enable Working Hours.
  4. Select the hours and days that you would like to set aside for work.

Knowing how to set working hours in google calendar is simple. Once your Working Hours are set, if a colleague invites you to a meeting or an event outside of your chosen work hours, they’ll receive a quick notification to let them know to choose an alternative time.


Answers To Common Questions About Google Calendar Working Hours


Here are some simple answers to all of your questions about how to change working hours in google calendar, and more.


How to update working hours in google calendar:

  • Open your Google Calendar on your phone or computer
  • Tap Create. Working location.
  • To adjust the date range, tap on each date.
  • Select a working location: Home.
  • Click Save.

How do you share my google calendar? If you are wondering, how do I share my google calendar, follow these simple steps:

  • Open your calendar.
  • Choose which calendar you want to share from the left panel.
  • Choose Settings. Choose Sharing.
  • Select Share with specific people.
  • Click the Add people button and add who you’d like to invite.

How to add working location to google calendar:

  • Open your calendar and go to Settings.
  • Find Working Hours and Location in the  sidebar.
  • Check off Enable working location and specify your location for each working day.

What is google calendar time blocking?


Time blocking and working hours go hand-in-hand. When you time block, you are setting aside specific time slots in your schedule for your goals. With time blocking, you can make sure that your schedule makes the most out of your day. This tool can boost your personal focus and reduce your stress.


How to use google calendar app:


Using the google calendar app is super easy – on both an iphone and android phones. Simply download the google calendar app, and enter your email address. That’s it! The app will instantly connect with your calendar on your laptop or desktop – making it easy to bring your calendar with you anywhere! 


Google Calendar Working Hours Clarify Your Life


If you are wondering how to organize google calendar in a way that improves your quality of life, try setting your working hours.


Scheduling office hours in google calendar is simple. 


Setting specific times for your personal and work goals, and setting aside down time for rest and relaxation, is critical for a well-balanced life. 


As a team member in a small business, adding office hours to google calendar can help everyone to schedule meetings to make the best use of everyone’s time. Communication in a business is key, and respecting everyone’s time improves communication and work atmosphere. 


Your clients and colleagues will appreciate being able to see the hours when you are available with ease, and admire that you have respect for your own time (and theirs!).