An executive assistant plays a key role in helping a company leader work to their best abilities. They provide quality administrative support to an executive in an office, and they keep things running smoothly.

What do executive assistants do?

Executive assistants do so much more than people realize! They complete tasks like: answering phone calls, coordinating office meetings, managing all of the specific requests of the executive, coordinating travel arrangements, and many other office functions and duties. 

The biggest task of an executive assistant is managing the executives calendar on Google. The Google calendar in most offices is very important – like a road map to the everyday activities happening in a company. It is crucial that it is organized well. 

Pav*r has some tips for executive assistants for managing a Goggle calendar professionally.


Calendar Management Skills For Executive Assistants


One of the performance goals for executive assistants (or virtual executive assistants) is to create a clear and precise calendar for their employer, and the Google calendar is the best planner for executive assistants.

Google is the front runner for businesses for solid reasons. It is highly user-friendly, and fully collaborative. You can have multiple users, all connected. 

Google is inexpensive – a big plus. The entire “G Suite” set of tools (Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar, Google+ and more) are some of the best tools for executive assistants, and they are simple to use and easily coordinate within each other. 

So, How Can An Executive Assistant Use This Calendar And Suite To Their Advantage?

Calendar management tips for executive assistants:


1. Share calendars:

Wondering how to add someone to Google calendar?

Calendar sharing is an important part of planning and scheduling for executive assistants.  It’s also useful for more complex project management for executive assistants.


The Google calendar allows for smooth communication and efficiency. Google Calendar allows for real time accessibility. Users can create collaborative calendars – private or public Google calender to increase the company productivity. A nicely organized calendar decreases wasted time. 

How to make shared Google calendar:

  • Open Google calendar

  • Place the mouse over the calendar that you want to share

  • Select “more”, then select “share with specific people”

  • Add the people you wish to share with

  • Push “send”

2. Suggested Times Function and Find a Time Function:


Coordinating everyone’s schedules in a busy office building can be quite a challenge for executive assistants. 

The “Suggested Times” feature allows an executive assistant to create a business meeting for the executive with ease. It’s quick to add the desired attendees. The “Find a Time” feature is amazing – a fabulous drop-down window will show up to give a list of times when those attendees may be available. This saves so much time and makes calendar coordination so simple!


3. World Clock


Executive assistants are often balancing appointments with clients from all over the world. The “World Clock” feature eliminates all of the time zone stress for arranging meetings with world partners, flight times for travel, and more. Be sure to set your own Google calendar working location to make the most of this! 


4. Customizing Google Calendar:


There are many ways for an executive assistant to find ways to customize google calendar appearance. Try adding Google calendar themes, try out Google calendar skins that you find online to change your Google calendar background color to company colors, and more.


The Pav*r app – one of the absolutely best apps for executive assistants – allows you to truly customize. With this app you can truly transform your executive’s calendar. The Pav*r app lets you create an aesthetic Google calendar where you can: categorize events, label your calendar entries, export your company calendar for printing and more. The visual time reports are very handy for executives to have. It allows you to be super organized for your boss – and that’s why executive assistants are important!


5. Add All Links:


Be sure to always add all relative links with-in the events you create on the calendar. This can include links to: zoom meetings, Google Meets, relevant documents, websites, ticket info, travel info, and more. An executive will appreciate having all of the pertinent info at their fingertips. 


Using Google Calendar and Pav*r To Reach Your Goals


Calendar management for executive assistants can actually be quite rewarding with Google, in fact, it can even be fun!


Every company wants to reach certain goals, and goal setting for executive assistants is made easy by using the Google calendar as an organizational tool.


Reminders that are placed in your calendar, the sharing feature, and more, all allow you and your employer to have a visual system in place that allows you to streamline appointments. Setting reminders for tasks to be done, and defining a schedule that works for everyone is the goal. 


If you are looking for more ideas on calendar organizing, there are many Google calendar tutorials for executive assistants online. Pav*r also has handy tutorials for their app on youtube.


Fully explore all of the many wonderful  possibilities available to you when you create an attractive and organized calendar with Google and Pav*r.