Time is valuable.

Successful people tend to be very organized individuals that create office/working hours that are an effective use of their time.

One of the most efficient ways to create a weekly schedule is to set aside specific hours for appointment slots that you intend to be used for your weekly team meetings, client hours, student meetings, and more.

The Google calendar appointment slot feature is a fabulous tool for delegating your time. 

Pav*r explains: 

Why Should You Use Google Calendar Appointment Slots?

There are many benefits to using the appointment slots within your Google calendar, and there are many reasons for using this feature.

Some examples for using appointment slots:

  • A professor can create seamless office hours that their students can sign up for online.
  • For colleagues and team members, setting up an appointment to meet with each other is easy.
  • Service providers can add available times to their calendar on their website,  allowing clients and customers to schedule a time.

Creating appointment slots is very helpful for keeping your schedule organized – for your own benefit. Slots are a wonderful and convenient way for you to allow others to know your exact time availability. They allow you to show clearly when you are, or are not, available.

It’s a simple set-up. You choose a block of time that you want to make yourself available on your calendar. Then, your clients and coworkers can choose a time within that given time frame. For example, you could make yourself clear from 2-4PM and allow guests to book a 30 minutes slot with you. 

This is especially helpful for allowing for productivity. If you know that you prefer to only have meetings in the am, then you can create that availability on your Google calendar. You choose when you want to have meetings, based on what works best for you. 

It is also helpful for creating a work/life balance – so important these days. Create neatly organized times for appointments that allow you to reserve time for yourself (lunch, workout, family responsibilities, time free, etc)

The time slots that are booked will appear on your calendar right away, so you will always easily see and know who you are meeting with, exactly when, and for how long.

How Do I Create Appointment Slots on Google Calendar?

It is really quite simple to turn blocks of time on your Google calendar into your available appointment slots. Others can book times within these slots.

How to create appointment slots in google calendar:

  1. First, go ahead and open your Google Calendar.
  2. Select the specific calendar that you wish to create time slots in.
  3. Click on any empty time slot that you’d like to make available.
  4. See and click Appointment slots.
  5. Add your chosen title for the slot.
  6. Choose the date and time.
  7. Select the number of slots and the duration you’d like for each appointment.
  8. Add more details if desired to your appointment slot by clicking More Options – and add that information.
  9. Click Save.


When a person chooses a time slot within your given availability, their appointment will appear as an event that overlaps the block, leaving you with a nice and organized schedule.

How to cancel meeting in Google calendar

Canceling an appointment is very easy. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Open your desired Google calendar.
  2. Click on the appointment that you want to cancel.
  3. In the pop up, click on the trash can icon.
  4. When it asks you if you’d like to notify guests, do so if you choose.

Some Scheduling Tips

Once you know how to set up appointment slots in google calendar, making smart choices in scheduling can lead to office hours with power. Here are some simple tips to help you make the most of your office hours:

  1. Easy Access: Add a link to your office hours in your email signature. This allows your colleagues or students to know where to go to set up a time to meet with you easily.
  2. Web friendly: Be sure to add a link to schedule appointments with you on your website.
  3. Clarity: Add descriptive words to your appointment slots so that it is clear what your open time is available for. 
  4. Notifications: Set up Google calendar appointment reminders for your scheduled appointments – no one wants to be late!
  5. Share: It’s nice for your family to be aware of your schedule, so be sure to share calendar events with your loved ones.
  6. Voice control: Sync your Google calendar with Google assistant and literally use your voice to keep up to date on your schedule and appointments. 
  7. Add-on: Add-ons like Pav*r (one of the best appointment scheduling apps) seamlessly transform your calendar  to create valuable reports & analytics from your calendar data to understand exactly where your time is going.

Simplifying With Appointment Slots

LIfe is busy enough – we all know that. Taking a few simple steps to streamline your calendar can help you make the most of your office hours. 

You’ll be more productive with calendar appointment slots, and you’ll feel like you have more time when you set open office slots. Setting and booking time slots could not be easier. 

So, stay in control of your day, and make your Google calendar appointment schedule work for YOU – with appointment slots!