Everyone wants to be as productive as possible these days! 

One of the smartest ways to be even more productive is to take your Goggle Calendar and make a few minor changes to elevate the existing aesthetic!

We all agree that the Google Calendar is something that we just can not live without. But it’s not always as exciting as we may like it to be. Everyone loves to feel inspired – so why not let your calendar inspire you! 

Maybe your Google Calendar could use a cheer-up, right? Well, if your calendar is the need of a minor over-haul, Pav*r has some extra fun tips to bring your Google Calendar back to life!


Add Color And Life

The google calendar colors are somewhat limited. On its own, the Google calendar seems a bit plain, and a bit dull, right? The existing color selection is somewhat minimal. 

So, are you wondering how you can make it more inviting? more pretty? Because, let’s be honest – there is nothing more inspiring than seeing your calendar looking fresh. 

So, here are some cool tips from Pav*r to make your Google Calendar aesthetically pleasing!

Are you wondering exactly how you can make your Google Calendar more aesthetically pleasing? 

First off, why not try customizing your calendar background. 

Google calendar comes with a rather plain white background, right? Let’s add some color and fun so that your agenda is more fun to look at. 

Refresh Your Calendar Easily With Some Clever Ideas

First of all, be sure to add-on the Pav*r extension.

There are so many things this powerful extension can do to sharpen up your Google Calendar! Here’s what you can do with Pav*r to make your calendar attractive and to also organize yourself well:

  • Analyze your calendar data with color-coded categories & labels.
  • Export your Google Calendar events to a Google Sheet.
  • Add custom fields to your calendar events.
  • Generate reports to see where your time is going
  • Create Time and Effort Log Reports for Schools.
  • Grant time logs for Non-profits.

The Pav*r extension is great for customizing google calendar. But what if you want to style google calendar to your liking? 


Tricks and Extensions To Style Your Google Calendar

Do you know how to customize colors on google calendar?


Choose Your Text Color: Did you know that you can choose the color of your text in Google calendar?

  1. Open Your Google Calendar
  2. Select Settings Density and Color.
  3. Then select Color. **You have two choices: Modern (white text) or Classic (black text). Choose which you’d prefer.
  4. Select Information density Compact or Responsive. Make a choice.
  5. Select Done.

Change Your Background For A Fresh Look

Do you envision a custom google calendar background? Google has an extension that is available that can change your background image for you. 

How to change background on google calendar: Background Fun

Event Check-Off

Do you love crossing off your events once you’ve completed a task? If so, this is for you! This extension will cross off your events once you’ve completed them. Simple pleasure, right? 

How to make your google calendar pretty with cross-offs: Check-off Fun

Give Your Weekend Some Color

Are you looking forward to your weekend? This Google extension allows you to make your weekend a different color than the rest of your week.

How to add color to your weekend: Color Up Your Weekend

Dim The Past

It’s easy to make your past fade on Google! Many people find it aesthetically pleasing to focus on the present and to see clearly what is coming ahead on their calendar. This built-in feature is great for this. Directions:

  1. Open your google calendar.
  2. Go to Settings>General>View Options.
  3. Select “Reduce the brightness of past events.
  4. Now your time past blocks will become translucent. 

Dark Mode

Feeling dark? The google calendar dark mode (also called the google calendar night mode) is super popular, and simple to select using the built-in google calendar themes menu. *The Dark default in themes for google calendar will turn on the dark mode at all times. System default will only turn it on if your phone is in dark mode, too. So, go ahead and try to change google calendar background color.

How to make google calendar dark:

  1. Open your Google Calendar app.
  2. Select the three stacked lines in the top-left corner.
  3. Scroll down and select Settings.
  4. Tap General, then Theme option.
  5. Choose either the Dark or System default. 

More Simple Tips From Pav*r

The Pav*r extension has so many built in tools to really bring your calendar to life. Adding some simple things like labels and categories can make your calendar pretty with the use of organization. It’s simple!

  • Categorize!: Pav* let’s you add amazing color-coded categories to your calendar events so you can quickly see how your week is stacking up.
  • Labels are awesome: With Pav*r, you can organize and label your calendar entries. Organize your time just like you organize your inbox with Pav*r.
  • Beautiful Time Reports: Pav*r allow you to see exactly how, and where, you and your team are spending your time with our custom reports built from your calendar data – and it’s so pretty to look at! 
  • Export away!: Pav*r makes it so simple to export your now beautiful calendar, including categories & labels, to a Google Sheet. Print it, send it, save it….


Customize Google Calendar Appearance Your Way


Now you know how to make google calendar pretty!


By using custom calendar backgrounds, colors, themes and more, you can truly make your calendar – pretty!


Pav*r takes the guess work out of making an aesthetic google calendar by streamlining your calendar info into a nice and neat package for you to enjoy. 


So have fun! How to customize google calendar is up to you – change your google calendar backgrounds, add dark mode, play around with your google calendar widget settings.  It’s up to you, so make your calendar beautiful!