Do you feel like your day is spinning out of control? A day is only 24 hours, and there is so much to squeeze in! 

Doesn’t it feel like our lives have more demands on them than ever before? That’s why it is so important to get organized, and one of the best ways to schedule and organize is to utilize Google calendar time blocking.

For a small business, time blocking is critical for you and your employees. 

Pav*r, the best app for time blocking, explains:

What Is Google Calendar Time blocking? 

Time blocking with Google calendar is a fantastic tool that helps you to manage your time most effectively. 

Calendar blocking involves adding specific times to your google calendar that are set aside for specific jobs or tasks to be completed in

Time blocking helps you to focus. It holds you accountable.

Why Should You Use Google Calendar Time Blocking?

Time blocking keeps your day on track. We all need that, right?

Google calendar time blocking helps you to focus. It holds you accountable for your time, and it helps you to improve your time management by allotting blocks of time to complete tasks.

When you’ve taken your calendar and divided it into blocks of time, you become task-focused. This helps to limit other tasks or people from infringing on your time – goodbye, distraction!

Using a weekly time blocking template or a daily time blocking template can allow you to start your day or week with a purpose and end goal. 

Benefits of Time Blocking:

  1. Quality of your work improves: When a specific time is set aside for a task, your distractions are removed, allowing you to hyper focus and give forth your best quality work.
  2. Time is saved: When your schedule is clearly laid out, time isn’t “lost” or wasted. Every moment is utilized. 
  3. Motivation vs. Distraction: Having a clearly organized day keeps you motivated. You won’t find yourself distracted with wondering what to do next. It’s all nicely organized. 

How To Use Google Calendar For Time Blocking

Like everything in life, there is a learning curve to time blocking. However the benefits and the gift of sanity in your day are immeasurable. 

Here are some tips:

  1. First, identify your tasks. What exactly are your tasks to complete? Do you have tasks that repeat? For example, in a small business, you may have set weekly meetings, follow-ups with your clients, or management and team meetings. Use the Google calendar “repeat event on specific days” feature for these types of events.
  2. Identify your smaller tasks: Do you have a set phone call or a dentist appointment? Need some personal time? Those smaller tasks, or to-do list items, take time too, so make sure you create space to complete them. 
  3. Sort your tasks into categories: Once your tasks for the week are identified, categorize them on your calendar. You can do this with color-coded categories in Pav*r. 
  4. Prioritize: When time blocking your google calendar, be sure to create a system that identifies tasks that are important or urgent. In addition to that, no one knows your energy level better than yourself. Are you most focused in the morning? Schedule blocks according to times that are best suited to you. 
  5. In and Out: Be sure to remember when you are blocking out time on google calendar to create blocks of time that are “google calendar focus time” for deep work, and also set “out of office” blocks. 

Adding Your Time Blocks

The addition of time blocks to your calendar is super easy. When adding time blocks, you want to keep things simple and clear.

  • Label Clearly:  Take the guesswork out of what you should be working on by clearly identifying the task at hand. Keep your info short and clear.
  • Add Descriptions: Within the time block, add a clear description with important details you might have to otherwise look up. 
  • Add Directions/Location:. If you have to travel for a meeting or event, be sure to add the location so you can quickly access directions from your phone’s map.
  • Links: Add any and all links that are needed. This could include Zoom links, Google Meet link, calendar Slack integration links, important website links for research, etc. 
  • Color Coding: There is nothing as clear as color coding. The calendar time blocking template add-on, Pav*r , can help expedite this process and generate reports about how much time you’re spending on each category within a given time frame. 
  • Keep A Record: One of the greatest things about time blocking is that you can always access your Google calendar history as a reference. Just simply search Google calendar to find out how you handled an event in past months, etc. Pav*r has a feature that allows you to easily download this info into a spreadsheet where you can create custom reports about how you, and your team, spent your time – super helpful!

Don’t forget to utilize the “find a time” google calendar feature to assist you in your scheduling of blocks.

Get Organized!

You can do this! Go ahead and get organized by using your Google calendar! 

Pav*r can help you by transforming your calendar into a beautiful, and usable tool towards efficiency. 

It’s easier than you imagine, and Pav*r will take some of the work of organizing off your plate by helping you manage all of your important event details in one place….. without ever leaving your Google calendar.