3-Day Challenge

The Intentional Calendar Mapping Method

⏳ Have you ever wished for more hours in a day?

😰 Do you feel like you’re constantly trying to catch up and never ahead?

 📝 Does your to-do list only get longer even though you know you’re crossing things off?

 😵‍💫 Are you overwhelmed by things you think you should do with no idea where to even start?

Give me 30 minutes for 3 days, and I’ll
give you a way to work less and live more.

Imagine what your life could be like if you:

🗓 Had a schedule that allowed you both freedom and success

💰 Worked less hours and made more money

🏖 Could take a vacation that didn’t include constantly checking your phone for missed calls or emails

🤗 Had time for those things you’d moved into the “maybe one day” pile 

Join our FREE 3-day Challenge and I’ll teach you exactly how to go from overwhelmed to in control and thriving.

I’ll be popping into your inbox each day of the challenge with a short video and homework for you to complete.

I know you’re already busy, so I promise to keep it short — you’ll be able to watch the video and complete your homework in less than 30-minutes each day. 

Hey, I’m Jessica. I completely understand that feeling of overwhelm. I was a small business owner myself. I started my own business because I thought I’d have freedom (and money), but several years into that business I had nothing but a constant stress headache and a stack of past-due bills. 

It took some painful self reflection, but I finally realized that my problem wasn’t a lack of clients or a lack of trying, it was a lack of intention.

I was just out here doing any and everything, hoping that *something* would just stick. 

By the time I realized that strategy was failing me miserably, it was almost too late. But then I made a decision that changed everything. A decision to be intentional with my time. I committed to stop wasting one single minute on anything that wasn’t going to move my business or myself forward towards my goals. 

My life was so impacted by this decision to be intentional with my time that it set me on a whole different career path. I took my passion for time management and turned it into an app, Pav*r (pronounced paver), that I’m now proud to share with the world because I know the positive impact being totally in control of your time can make and I wanted your journey to be easier than mine.

Along with the app, I’m sharing the Intentional Calendar Mapping Method that I used to form my own intentional time habits. If you can commit 30-minutes a day for just 3 days, I can guarantee that you’ll finally start experiencing the freedom you thought entrepreneurship would bring by being completely in control of the hours in your day.

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