pavr makes your google calendar better

We know your calendar is one of the most important tools your business uses, and we believe it should be able to support you even more.


Label Your Entries

You can label your emails, why not your calendar entries? Organize your time just like you organize your inbox with Pav*r.

Export Your Calendar

With Pav*r, you can export your calendar, including labels, to a Google Sheet where you can see exactly how and where you’re spending your time.


Additional Fields

Need to add more details to your calendar event? With Pav*r you can add additional fields like checkboxes, picklists, and more!

All of your event details, all in one place.

Planning a meeting or event can be hard. Especially when there are multiple team members involved, tasks that have to be managed, and a nearly endless amount of communication that has to take place. Take some of that off your plate with Pav*r by managing all of your important event details in one place without ever leaving your Google calendar.